Breath of Life

8 day Retreat

Located in the beautiful

Preseli hills, Pembrokeshire,

west Wales, U.K. 15th to 22nd Sept 2018



Your hosts Jo and Leafe.

Our aim is to make life changing retreats affordable.

You can choose to fast and cleanse or fully partake in the process to sustain your body from prana alone.

Jo who has been breatharian for 3 years will be there to guide you.

Leafe and Jo have a vast  experience with fasting, cleansing & detoxing.

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Retreat Prices

Prices include accommodation all workshops, meditations, techniques and consultations.

Camping or bed in shared area £336


Bed in cottage £372


Bed in van £372


Infa red



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Booking email


Day 1-No Fasting

Day 2- Fruit and fluids

Day 3- Juice, bicarb infused water

Day 4- Dry Fast

Day 5- Dry Fast

Day 6- Dry fast

Day 7- Dry fast

Day 8 Juice


Sun rise sun gazing or inner gazing

morning talk

Breathing Technique


Sharing of experience of both.

Gentle exercise

 Break until 15:00 for rest, questions, support and creativity


Breathing Technique



Payment and booking


We would prefer if you paid by bacs or cheque,

please email.

Or pay below but only if the above options are not possible please.


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